The Quebec Bridge

Department of Railways and Canals Canada: The Quebec Bridge over the St. Lawrence river : near the City of Quebec, on the line of the Canadian National Railways 1908 - 1918, report of the Government Board of Engineers. (Ottawa, Ont. : printed by order of the Governor-General in Council, 1919). 2 volumes, illustrations, maps, 31 x 39 cm.

acquired in 2016

A monumental work on bridge-building in Quebec

Near Quebec City, the St. Lawrence River is more than a kilometer wide and 60 meters deep. Building a bridge at this point is a very challenging task. The first bridge here collapsed spectacularly on 29 August 1907. After various setbacks, the second bridge was completed in 1918. The Quebec Bridge was documented in an extensive final report of the engineers, which the Iron Library has now acquired.

We reprint the following description of the book by courtesy of the antiquarian bookseller Jonathan A. Hill (New York City) , from whom the Iron Library acquired the volume.

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"The Quebec Bridge" in IRONCAT