Agostino Ramelli's "Treasure chamber"

Agostino Ramelli: Le diverse et artificiose machine del Capitano Agostino Rammelli dal Ponte della Tresia, Ingeniero del [...] Re di Francia et di Pollonia. (Paris : Casa del'autore, 1588).

acquired in 2015

An e-book reader that can store thousands of books? Agostino Ramelli, a military engineer born in Ponte Tresa, near the Italian-Swiss border, in 1531 would have been thrilled by a device of this kind. An e-reader would probably not have surprised him much, since he himself invented the famous book wheel on which he could "upload" more than ten books at a time.

Sixty years later, almost to the day, the Iron Library has now succeeded in acquiring the first (and only) German translation of Ramelli's book of inventions, which was published in Leipzig in 1620, just over 30 years after the first publication. This German edition bears the exquisite title "Schatzkammer mechanischer Künste des hoch- und weitberühmeten Capitains Herrn Augustini de Ramellis ..." [Treasury of the ingenious machines of the noble and famous Captain Agostino Ramelli] . The well preserved copy is bound in pigskin and has a handwritten spine title.

The book in IRONCAT

Ramelli's book in IRONCAT