The Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd. store GF archival documents as well as holdings from various subsidiaries and acquisitions.

The Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd.

The industrial company Georg Fischer (GF), founded in 1802 by Johann Conrad Fischer as a small craft business in the Mühlental valley near Schaffhausen, is today an internationally active corporation with four divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions, GF Machining Solutions and GF Uponor.

The Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd were established in 1943, building on a stock of documents collected in the 1920s. The archive is administered by the Iron Library, a foundation of Georg Fischer Ltd. Both have been based at Klostergut Paradies since 1948. The GF Corporate Archives are listed as an archive of national importance (Class A) in the Swiss inventory of cultural assets and are part of the cultural, economic and social history of Switzerland.

Archives holdings

The archives comprise over 1800 linear meters of files, around 130,000 photographs and 3000 objects from 1693 to the present day. They house the company's records since its foundation, part of the estate of the founding family, as well as holdings of various subsidiaries and acquisitions (including GF in Singen, Maschinenfabrik Rauschenbach, Buss AG).

Catalog ANTON

Catalog of the Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd