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The Iron Library movie

A film about a library, and a library in a former convent at that? Everyone will immediately think of the film version of Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose", with Sean Connery in the leading role of William of Baskerville. Well, I'm afraid it's not Sean Connery because in the film about the Iron Library it's the Iron Library itself that plays the leading role.

GF Eisenbibliothek (short film), 2014, 2:48

The film was shot by students of the Technical Documentation vocational college of the Hohentwiel Commercial School in Singen, with their teacher Berthold Gantner. In the course of this project, the students filmed in the rooms of the Iron Library and its surroundings for several days. The laborious editing work was done by Berthold Gantner, who gave the film its finishing touches. We at the Iron Library are very grateful to him. The atmospheric music was written by Josh Woodward.

> watch the video on YouTube

Eisenbibliothek - 70 Jahre Papier und Eisen, 2019, 29:59

The team of the local TV-channel Tele D, based in Diessenhofen, produced a film in 2019 with the title "Eisenbibliothek - 70 Jahre Papier und Eisen" [Iron Library - 70 years of paper and iron] to mark the 70th anniversary of the Iron Library. The film includes interviews with Roland Gröbli, Secretary General of Georg Fischer Ltd. and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Iron Library, and Franziska Eggimann, Corporate Archivist at GF and Managing Director of the Iron Library. The film was first broadcast on 2 December 2019. We would like to thank Tele D for this wonderful anniversary gift!

> watch the video on Tele D