Exciting and entertaining readings also take place in the Iron Library as part of the Literature Festival "Erzählzeit ohne Grenzen".

Readings at the Iron Library

The cross-border literature festival "Erzählzeit ohne Grenzen" always takes place in spring in Singen, Schaffhausen and the surrounding area. For one week authors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria present their writings.

The Iron Library has so far participated in the 6/2015, 7/2016, 8/2017 and 12/2021 editions.

Erzählzeit 2023

Jan Faktor read from his novel "Trottel", which follows its title character and narrator from Prague in 1968 to East Berlin.

Erzählzeit 2022

Katerina Poladjan read extracts from her new novel, "Zukunftsmusik", set on March 11, 1985, in a Soviet settlement far from Moscow.

Erzählzeit 2021

Dana Grigorcea read from her new novel, "Die nicht sterben", a captivating take on post-communist Romania.

Erzählzeit 2017

Flurin Jecker presented his debut novel "Lanz", which tells the story of a 14-year-old blogger.

Erzählzeit 2016

Catalin Dorian Florescu brought along his novel "Der Mann, der das Glück bringt", which translates to "The Man who brings Happiness". For the audience, he was that man.

Erzählzeit 2015

Flavio Steimann told about the investigations of police officer Albin Gauch in his novel "Bajass".