Wikipedia workshops

As part of the Wikipedia workshop, we make our holdings available to new and old Wikipedians.


Details about the next workshop can be found here.

Help us fill the Wikipedia gaps in our focus areas!

Below are some suggestions for additional and new Wikipedia articles on the topics of the Iron Library and the Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd. The list is not sorted and – of course – not complete:

Examples of shorter, but informative Wikipedia articles related to the Iron Library's holdings:


Wikipedia GLAM-on-Tour 2019

At the Iron Library's third Wikipedia event, experienced "Wikipedians" spent four days writing about the history of GF.

Wikipedia workshop 2018

Interested new Wikipedians spent a day writing articles on the history of technology, industrial history and monastic history.

Wikipedia workshop 2017

On Swiss Archives Day, Wikimedia Switzerland led an introductory course on creating Wikipedia entries at the Iron Library.