Open House Day 2016

Visitors were able to immerse themselves in the world of the "Magic machines" of the Iron Library and the Corporate Archives.

A magic machine

"Magic machines"
Sunday 5 June 2016

The Iron Library and the Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd. presented magical machines from four centuries at the Open House Day.

Around 100 visitors from all over the region delved into the most diverse types of machines and their applications on a tour guided by a dozen quiz questions: For example, they learned details about the refined book-reading wheel used by military engineer Ramelli in the Renaissance, about the "automatic spatula" of the Baroque era, which began to rotate as hot air rises, and about the water-driven lift system of the Eiffel Tower at the end of the 19th century.

  • Treasures from the library and archives
  • Guided tours through the Iron Library
  • Themed handicrafts for children
  • Iron Library Quiz
  • free drinks