History of Technology Conference

Every two years the Iron Library organizes and hosts the History of Technology Conference.

About the conference

Every two years, specialists from research institutes, universities, and industry meet at the Iron Library at the Klostergut Paradies near Schaffhausen for the annual History of Technology Conference. These conferences, devoted to a range of different subjects, have been held since 1978 and are renowned for the breadth of the papers and their topicality. At the personal invitation of Georg Fischer AG, some 60 guests and speakers from various disciplines attend the conferences, which serve as a platform for an exchange of views. The attendees represent universities, libraries, collections and museums, and come from business and industrial backgrounds. The papers are subsequently published in the journal Ferrum.

Part of the Scientific Board are:


The journal of the Iron Library gathers the contributions of the History of Technology Conference and is published every two years.