Organizational structure of the Foundation

The Iron Library was founded in 1948 as a foundation of Georg Fischer Ltd. The foundation's governing bodies are the Board of Trustees, the Governing Board and the management.

The Board of Trustees consists of persons from the world of business, science and research communities in Switzerland and foreign countries. Representatives of companies as well as of universities, libraries, research institutes and employees of Georg Fischer Ltd. sit on the Board.

The Governing Board consists of representatives of the three company divisions and of Georg Fischer Ltd. The duties of the Governing Board include strategic planning and financial monitoring.

Board of Trustees and Governing Board

Board of Trustees and Governing Board Members of the Board of Trustees and the Governing Board on the occasion of the Board meeting in November 2018 (left to right): Calvin Grieder, Roland Gröbli, Martin Bastian, Gerold Bührer, Gabriele Zuna-Kratky, Urs Werner, Yves Serra (former Chairman), Irene Amstutz, Nabil El Barbari, Helmut Hilz, Franziska Eggimann (Managing Director), Stefan Dahl, Roland E. Hofer, David Gugerli.

Members Board of Trustees

Andreas Müller, Chairman
CEO Georg Fischer Ltd., Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Irene Amstutz
Director Swiss Economic Archives and University Library Economics, Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Bastian
CEO German Plastics Center SKZ, Würzburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Ing. Andreas Bührig-Polaczek
Head of the department, Chair for comprehensive Foundry Science and Foundry Institute, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Calvin Grieder
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bühler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. David Gugerli
Chair for History of Technology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Dr. Helmut Hilz
Director Library, Deutsches Museum, München, Germany

Dr. Roland E. Hofer
State Archivist and Head of department for Cultural Promotion Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Members Governing Board

Dr. Roland Gröbli, Chairman
Corporate Secretary, Georg Fischer Ltd., Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Stefan Dahl
Chief Operating Officer, GF Machining Solutions, Biel, Switzerland

Georg Neuschütz
Vice President Business Development, GF Casting Solutions, Schaffhausen, Switzerland 

Noel Schreiber
Head Human Resources, GF Piping Systems, Schaffhausen, Switzerland