Matinee May 2019

Vernissage of the jubilee exhibition "From Convent to Cloud" and the art guide "Kloster Paradies".

Matinee "From Convent to cloud"
70 years of the Iron Library Foundation: Vernissage exhibition and art guide, 5 May 2019

"From Convent to Cloud": That was the title of an impressive matinee at Klostergut Paradies on this Sunday in May on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Iron Library Foundation. The matinee formed the framework for the double vernissage of the new art guide about the "Paradies" convent and the special exhibition in the Iron Library. Andreas Müller, CEO of GF, opened the matinee and emphasized in his speech the importance of the Iron Library for the corporate culture and historical tradition of the corporation. The top-class podium discussion, under the direction of Hildegard Keller, included medieval historian Peter Niederhäuser, head of e-codices Christoph Flüeler, and Oliver Thiele, city librarian of Schaffhausen, who discussed medieval book production and the challenges facing libraries in the digital age.

The Iron Library Foundation was set up 70 years ago, on December 31, 1948, on the initiative of Ernst Müller, Director of GF. From May 6 to July 19 2019, the anniversary exhibition presents highlights of the collection and explains the materials and technology contained in the books. It reveals the origin of selected holdings and looks into the digital future of the library!

At the same time, the exhibition sets out on a search for traces of the former monastery library. For the first time after almost 500 years in "exile" in Schaffhausen, several magnificent manuscripts from the former Clarissan convent are once again guests in Paradise.

Exhibition: «From Covent to Cloud»

Two libraries in the Klostergut Paradies and their books. 70 years of the Iron Library Foundation - the anniversary exhibition in 2019.