From Convent to Cloud

Two libraries and their books. 70 years of the Iron Library Foundation
6 May 2019-19 July 2019

Rooted in Paradies, networked worldwide – the Iron Library with its treasure of books looks back on 70 years of technology knowledge transfer. The library began in the 1940s at the initiative of GF manager Ernst Müller and has become an established brand in the world of libraries specializing in the history of technology. The anniversary exhibition will present highlights from the collection and explain materials and technologies found in the books. You will also learn about the origin of selected holdings and will get a glimpse of the digital future in a library.

Long before the Iron Library was founded, the Paradies convent had a library, which has a tradition going back 770 years. This library is also the biggest secret of Paradies convent. Our exhibition throws light on this secret and presents the magnificent manuscripts from the library of the former Clarissan convent. They can be seen again in Paradies – for the first time in 500 years!

Impressions of the vernissage in May 2019

Vernissage of the jubilee exhibition "From Convent to Cloud" and the art guide "Kloster Paradies".