Isaac de Caus

Isaac de Caus: Nouvelle invention de lever l’eau plus haut que sa source avec quelques machines mouvantes par le moyen de l’eau, et un discours de la conduit d’icelle. (London: Davis, 1657).

acquired in 2014

We reprint the following description of the book by courtesy of the second-hand bookseller Gerhard Gruber (Heilbronn), from whom the Library acquired the volume:

"32 pages. With title page woodcut, 26 copper plates (1 folded) and numerous woodcuts in the text. Modern half leather binding in the style of the time – second edition. The work is based on the famous mechanical tract of his brother Salomon, who created the famous gardens of Heidelberg Castle. The plates show a drilling machine driven by a waterwheel, a horse gin, a fire hose and a hydraulic clock, among other things. Of particular interest, however, are the automatons and mechanical works, including a bird automaton and a hydraulically driven mechanical organ, which Salomon had built when creating the gardens and grottoes of Heidelberg Castle."

The book in IRONCAT

Isaac de Caus' book in IRONCAT