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Digital Edition of the Travel Journals of Johann Conrad Fischer 1794–1851

Johann Conrad Fischer as eyewitness to the Industrial Revolution

Long before the railway made its way through Europe, Johann Conrad Fischer (1773-1854) was already on the move. The founder of GF and pioneer of the Industrial Revolution travelled extensively and cultivated a network of scientists, entrepreneurs and personalities throughout Europe. From his journeyman's travels to Scandinavia at the age of 19 to his last trip to London 60 years later, he covered over 30,000 kilometres. And he kept a record of everything he experienced: the coronation of the last Holy Roman Emperor in Frankfurt, the secret steam engines of Boulton & Watt in Soho, theatre life in Paris, the monumental construction site of the Thames Tunnel and the first World Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London. He reported on his technological, artistic and social discoveries in seven diaries.

Digital edition of the travel journals of Johann Conrad Fischer 1794-1851

To mark Fischer's 250th birthday in 2023, the Iron Library has produced a digital edition of his travel journals and translated the texts from the original German into English for the first time. In it, we have identified and described 2,400 people, places, events and terms. Around 900 images provide an insight into everyday life, industry, travelling and social life in Fischer's time.

Immerse yourself in the early days of modernity and travel with Fischer to the sites of the Industrial Revolution - in the digital edition at

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On the Trail of Johann Conrad Fischer in England
In the summer of 2023, we travelled along important stages and highlights from Fischer's travel journals and reported on what has changed since his time. Watch the whole series on the Iron Library YouTube channel:

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