Erzählzeit 2017

Flurin Jecker read from his literary debut "Lanz"

In 2017 the reading at the literature festival "Erzählzeit ohne Grenzen" was well attended. About 100 interested listeners found their way to the Klostergut Paradies. The evening began with a guided tour of the Iron Library, in which 45 people took part. The subsequent reading by Flurin Jecker made the audience smile and brought one or the other to laughter. Flurin Jecker's work "Lanz", with its youthful slang and jargon, lent a touch of youth to the historical premises - the refectory of the Paradies monastery - and had a vitalising effect on the audience: After the reading, there were both lively discussions of Jecker's work over an aperitif and cosy chats over a glass of wine. This evening of "Erzählzeit" (narrative time) was an evening with narrative value!

We thank Flurin Jecker and the moderator Georg Freivogel for the successful event!

Flurin Jecker: Lanz, Cover

Flurin Jecker's novel "Lanz"

Flurin Jecker, born in Berne in 1990, studied mathematics, informatics and biology before he started studying Creative Writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel. «Lanz» is his final thesis at the Swiss Literature Institute and at the same time his first novel. Flurin Jecker has read from his debut novel at the Klostergut - a story about a boy who has many things, yet lacks the most important.

During a project week, the 14-year-old Lanz has to write a blog. At first he resists, but then he unreservedly reveals his life: the family divided since the separation of his parents, the complexity of two homes, the wasteland of his childhood in a village in Switzerland, his problems with growing up. And then there are the unsuccessful attempts to get closer to Lynn, one of the reasons why he signed up for the blogger course in the first place.

With an irresistible pull, Flurin Jecker's debut novel tells the story of a boy who comments on the unreasonable demands of the world, and does so in a headstrong and powerful, completely credible language.