Erzählzeit 2024

Quantum physics in the Iron Library: Book prize winner Christian Haller read from his novella "Sich lichtende Nebel" (Clearing Fog)

The Iron Library in Schlatt had a prominent literary visitor on the evening of Thursday 11 April. The guest was Christian Haller, winner of the Swiss Book Prize 2023, who read from his novella "Sich lichtende Nebel" as part of the "Erzählzeit ohne Grenzen" festival. The foundation, which is based at Klostergut Paradies, was one of the literary festival's venues for the seventh time.

Playing with precision and blurriness

The author read several chapters from his book in front of an interested audience. As it turned out earlier, Haller's life is linked to the history of the Iron Library's sponsor: Both Haller's grandfather and his father were involved in companies that were later taken over by Georg Fischer Ltd. The reading and discussion were rounded off by an aperitif offered by GF in the refectory of the Klostergut.

The novel is set in 1925 and skilfully interweaves fiction with historical events. On the one hand, it tells a chapter from the life of physicist Werner Heisenberg. Based on a fleeting encounter with Heisenberg, it also describes the experiences of a fictitious retired history professor who wants to clarify changes in his perception. In the lively discussion, the play with precision and vagueness, in quantum physics as well as in writing, was identified as a unifying theme.