Guided tours

Visit the exhibition in the Iron Library and Paradies Monastery for a private guided tour.

Are you interested in the unique collections and rooms of the Iron Library and the Paradies Monastery?

We would be pleased to organize a tour for you.

In the historical rooms of the library you will find our unique collection of books on the history of science and technology, as well as the oldest wall paintings of the monastery complex. In the current exhibition we present rare and important works from the history of the Industrial Revolution, a selection of books with fascinating provenances, and the opportunity to learn about the materials used to make our books. In the tour of the Klostergut, visitors can gain an insight into the history of the Paradies Monastery, its owner, Georg Fischer Ltd, and the life and travels of GF's founder Johann Conrad Fischer.

What you should pay attention to...

We are happy to organize guided tours from Monday to Friday on request. A tour of the Iron Library lasts approximately one hour, a combined tour of the Library and Klostergut one and a half hours.

The number of participants per group and tour is limited to 15 persons.
Parties of more than 15 people will be divided into two separate tour groups.

The costs for a guided tour are CHF 150.00 per group (free of charge for GF employees).

How to book your tour...

If you are interested in a private guided tour of the Iron Library and Klostergut Paradies, please contact us by phone or an email to

We look forward to seeing you!


Iron Library Foundation of Georg Fischer Ltd

Klostergut Paradies

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