Expert Tours: come and take a deeper look into the world of Johann Conrad Fischer and his times

6/27/23 - 8:00 AM (Coordinated Universal Time)

Who did Fischer correspond with? Which books did he read? How did he experience the Great Exhibition of 1851? Was the Industrial Revolution's landscape and spirit of innovation so different from today? To accompany the new exhibition, a series of expert tours are being offered by the Iron Library. Embark on a thematic tour guided along the way by experts who will answer these questions and more. The one-hour tours (in German) will be free of charge and limited to 20 participants. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Duration: 60 minutes.
The number of participants is limited to 20.
The guided tours are free of charge.
 All tours will be given in German.
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Tuesday, June 27, 6pm
Franziska Eggimann
Managing Director of the Iron Library and GF Corporate Archives
"Tausend Herrlichkeiten": Johann Conrad Fischer erlebt die erste Weltausstellung 1851 in London

Tuesday, July 4, 6pm
Nina Schläfli
Historian, Kreuzlingen
Unternehmer unterwegs: Technologietransfer, internationaler Austausch und Netzwerke zu Johann Conrad Fischers Zeiten

Tuesday, August 29, 6pm
Valerija Rukavina and Nicolau Lutz
Research assistants at the Iron Library
Von Handwerkern, Mechanikern und Ingenieuren: Start-ups der Industriellen Revolution

Tuesday, September 5, 6pm
Peter Niederhäuser
Historian, Winterthur
Das Kind einer Umbruchzeit: Johann Conrad Fischer

Tuesday, September 19, 6pm
Christopher Zoller-Blundell
Academic librarian at the Iron Library
"Reisen in technologischer Hinsicht": Technik und Industrie in Fischers Büchern