IRONBOOK - E-Book Portal

New service for GF employees

The Iron Library offers GF employees access to 80 e-books in the field of plastics technology from the publisher Hanser (in German). This new service is also a pilot project aimed at testing actual interest in e-books. The plan is to gradually make further e-books on plastics technology – and depending on demand on other subjects too – available via the e-book portal.

Registration and Access


If you're interested in IRONBOOK and the e-books it offers, please call or mail Florian Ruhland (Mail: or Tel: +41 52 631 27 44). You'll receive an email with your user name and password and can then register with IRONBOOK.

If you'd like to view or download e-books, you can do so via the link:

Please note:

This service is solely for employees of GF.

Please do not give your login data to anyone else. If other colleagues wish to use the e-book website, they will receive their own login data. 



Here is some information on the website's functions.

On the home page under "Aktuell…" (New) you'll see a randomly selected e-book cover that we have licensed in.

At present, the Iron Library has only licensed in e-books from Hanser-Verlag on the subject of plastics technology. That's why on the left under "Fachgebiete" (Subject fields) you'll see "Plastics Technology" in IRONBOOK. Other subject fields may be added at a later date.

Search Functions


The search functions are found at the top of the page.

There are three search options:

a search in the search field (Suche),

a search with a selected category (mit ausg. Kategorie),

an expanded search (Erweiterte Suche; recommended!).

Bookshelf and Quick pick lists


There are certain functions that allow you to permanently store books important for your work in drop-down lists; one such function is the Bookshelf. There you will see the e-book covers you have selected as they would appear on a bookshelf. The selection is preserved even after you have logged out and is displayed the next time you log into IRONBOOK. You can give any name of your choice to your bookshelf (here for instance "Meine Favoriten").

Another function is the "Schnellauswahlliste" (Quick pick list). Go to the home page and click the orange button "Auswahllisten" (pick lists) or select "Auswahllisten" in the menu under "Options". This allows you to start a new pick list or to rename or delete the lists. 

You can also start a pick list and import the entire list into the bookshelf and make it appear as a bookshelf. You can also add individual e-books to the bookshelf. Just click on the function below the green arrow (in the middle).



You can access the e-book itself by clicking on the cover picture or on the title. This will open the Hanser-eLibrary where you can open and download the e-books by chapter (as pdf files). At Hanser-Verlag you can only download individual chapters not the whole e-book. However, the download is permanent and not subject to any DRM restrictions, i.e. the pdf remains on your bookshelf as long as you like and is not automatically deleted after a certain time. In the Hanser-eLibrary, you'll see a green check mark in front of the chapters of the e-books. The green check mark indicates that the Iron Library has licensed in this content and it can be accessed.

Please note that the e-books are not catalogued in our IRONCAT catalog at present. We plan to change this in the not too distant future.