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Kloster Paradies

May 2019

Kloster Paradies

For completion of the anniversary "100 years of GF at Klostergut Paradies" the GSK art guide "Kloster Paradies" has been released in May 2019

Walter Bersorger, Peter Niederhäuser: Kloster Paradies

The Clarissan Paradies Convent in the Swiss Canton Thurgau was established in the mid-13th century following a donation by the counts of Kyburg. During the Reformation, the convent near the city of Schaffhausen was all but secularised. After a devastating fire in 1587, it had to be almost completely rebuilt. The convent was dissolved in 1836. In 1918 Schaffhausen-based Georg Fischer AG (GF) acquired the former convent and the entire agricultural estate. One hundred years on, and faithfully restored, Kloster Paradies is home to Georg Fischer AG’s Convention and Training Centre, the Company Archives, and the internationally renowned Iron Library.

Further Information

Walter Bersorger, Peter Niederhäuser: Kloster Paradies. Bern: Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte, 2019 (= Schweizerische Kunstführer 103, Nr. 1035).

40 p., 52 Ill., booklet

ISBN Print: 978-3-03797-362-2 (german)

ISBN Print: 978-3-03797-363-9 (english)

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