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 Iron Library Newsletter
 90 (2018): Colors in Technology - Technology of Colors
 89 (2017): Synthetic Materials. Synthetically Transforming the World
 88 (2016): Just in time – Logistics in an Historical Perspective
 87 (2015): Products and Product Innovations
 85 (2013): Material Flows and Material Cycles
 84 (2012): Water Supply
 82 (2010): Knowledge and Technology Transfer Asia – Europe
 80 (2008): Tunneling: Subterranean Perspectives
 79 (2007): Rollers: Technical and Culture-Historical Aspects in the History and the Present
 78 (2006): Internal Communication in Companies
 74 (2002): Company Historiography about the Iron and Steel Industry
 73 (2001): The Recycling of Steel, Iron, and other Metals
 72 (2000): Technology and Nature – Nature as a Model for Technological Developments
 67 (1995): Relevance and Transformation of Technical – Scientific Communication since Georgius Agricola
 66 (1994): World Expositions: Panel of Technology – a Mirror of Society?
 65 (1993): Humankind as Plaything of the Technological Transformation?
 64 (1992): Contributions of Switzerland to Technology
 61 (1989): Technology and Art in the Past and the Present
 51 (1980): The History of Technology in the Schooling of Engineers
 50 (1979): The History of Technology
 49 (1978): The Ironworks Plant Laufen am Rheinfall