Florian Ruhland

“Ayn liblichs piechel” is digitized

Tracing the assay manuscript of Vok Pñovski von Eulenberg (1526), believed to be lost.


Ferrum 90/2018 

Prior to digitization of the manuscript “Ayn liblichs piechel” for the e-codices website, the author compiled information about it that has significantly broadened the knowledge documented in the Iron Library and has refuted the view established in historical (Czech) research that the manuscript had gone missing in 1924. “Ayn liblichs piechel” is a manual for metallurgical assays (Probierbuch), whose author calls himself Vok Pñovski von Eulenberg and gives 1526 as the year the manuscript was written. Scion of a noble family in northern Moravia, Vok was heavily involved in mining in the region. In the second half of the paper, the author describes the “re-discovery” of the manuscript by Czech researchers in the mid-1960s, though little notice was taken of this event.


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