Synthetic Materials. Synthetically Transforming the World


Ferrum 89/2017

Joachim Breuninger
Plastic bodywork in the GDR – revolutionary or simply a lack of alternatives?
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Stefan Erzinger
Evaluating the environmental impacts of plastics
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Andreas Haka
Visionaries spur on polymers: unrecognized potential? 
Hybrid materials in the first half of the 20th century
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Silke Haps
Plastic on steel = PLATAL
Hoesch AG diversifies in the 1960s: House ‘L 141’ in Dortmund
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Viola Hofmann
“This is Perlon calling”  
The teething problems of a new textile fiber in the 1950s and 1960s
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Ursula Klein
Scientific and technical expertise in porcelain manufacture (around 1800)
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Günter Lattermann
Who discovered it?
Adolf Spitteler and the history of galalith
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Julia Lütolf
Synthetic materials in art production
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Susan Mossman
Early plastics: perspectives 1850–1950
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Manfred Rasch
Karl Ziegler and low-density polyethylene
The conditions for an unusual success story
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Florian Ruhland
Premodern water ‘know-how’ in the Iron Library (IV)
Knowledge about water quality in 18th century
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Frederic Steinfeld
Managing chance discovery
The decision to develop research at the chemical company Bayer
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Elisabeth Vaupel
Substitute for natural vanilla
Acceptance and legal treatment of the synthetic flavorings vanillin and ethyl vanillin in Germany (1874–2011)
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Alexander Wagner
The fiction of non-fiction
Hybrid forms between the novel and non-fiction
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