Just in time – Logistics in an Historical Perspective


Ferrum 87/2015

Heike Bazak
The history of postal logistics in Switzerland
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Ragah Dorenkamp
The origin of lean production in the automotive industry and just-in-time logistics at Ford in Cologne
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Franziska Eggimann
“Tidying up Switzerland”
The Federal Scrap Metal Commission and its procurement logistics in World War Two
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Michael Farrenkopf
Logistics in Germany’s coal mining industry
A means of efficiently controlling the phase-out process?
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Claude A. Fischer
Flexible future-oriented logistics creates competitive advantages at GF Piping Systems
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Hans Rudolf Fuhrer
“La Battaglia dei Giganti”
The Battle of Marignano in 1515: was superior French artillery the decisive factor? The military-history perspective
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Stefan Geissler
Lloyd’s List
The basis of maritime logistics in the 19th century?
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Mark Häberlein
Carters, sumpters, raftsmen and shippers
Logistic problems and practices of the Augsburg Welser and Fugger families in the 16th century
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Gisela Hürlimann
Schlusskommentar Technikgeschichtliche Tagung «Just in time – technikhistorische Perspektiven der Logistik»

Martin Knoll
Touristic mobilities and their interfaces
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Kurt Möser
“A logistician’s dream?”
Logistics on the Western Front in World War One
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Ebbe Nielsen
Trade and transport in the Neolithic and Bronze Age in Switzerland
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Florian Ruhland
Premodern water ‘know-how’ in the Iron Library (II)
Knowledge about water quality in the works of Pierre- Joseph Macquer and William Thomas Brande
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Richard Vahrenkamp
The rise of logistics in the mass consumer society
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Paul van Heesvelde
“What do we talk about when we talk about logistics?”
Logistics, transport and the problems of the last mile in the Belgian army 1870–1918
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