Franziska Eggimann

Technology’s walk-on roles

Ferrum 91/2019

A series of photographs from the Corporate Archives of Georg Fischer Ltd illustrates large-scale steel castings, which were “stage-managed” by the company’s photographer, Max Graf, at the Schaffhausen steel foundry in the 1950s and 1960s. The engineers, foundrymen and shop floor workers – who were active protagonists in the production process – play walk-on roles in this “comédie technique”.

“Working together means thinking together”

The history of the employee suggestion system at GF

Ferrum 91/2019

Towards the middle of the 20th century, Georg Fischer Ltd in Schaffhausen instituted a company-wide suggestion system in an effort to give full rein to employees’ ideas and creative potential. The suggestion scheme was an instrument to promote employee participation, but it also contributed to making significant savings and to streamlining. This paper outlines the history of the GF employee suggestion system and places it in the context of Switzerland as a whole. In particular, the efforts of Hans Weber, who was head of personnel in the 1950s, formed the basis for the growing acceptance and consolidation of the suggestion scheme, which continues to function today as an element of participatory innovation management.

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