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Colors in Technology - Technology of Colors


Ferrum 90/2018

Regina Lee Blaszczyk
Visibly Invisible: Color in Modern America
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Sven Dupré
The Role of Judgment in the Making of Glass Colors in the Seventeenth Century
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Franziska Eggimann
100 years of GF at Klostergut Paradies - From farm estate to cultural monument
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Robert Fuchs
The discovery of pigment manufacture in antiquity - Pigments from ancient Egypt to Greece and Rome 
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André Kaliczek
Developing color standards in the early sciences of the 18th century
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Stefan Muntwyler
I paint colors. From painter to color researcher 
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Doris Oltrogge
Alchemy grun, lead oxide, and aurum musicum - Alchemy grun, lead oxide, and aurum musicum
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Jean-José Paccaud
Laser Nano-Structuring: Adding Colors or Trapping Light - or: The Wind of Light
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Tracey Panek
The Global Blue Jeans Transformation
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Florian Ruhland
"Ayn liblichs piechel" is digitized - Tracing the assay manuscript of Vok Pñovski von Eulenberg (1526), believed to be lost
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Kim Siebenhüner
Knowledge and the art of dyeing in the Swiss Indienne industry in the 18th century
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Friedrich Steinle
Dyeing in the 18th century: practicalities and systematization
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