News from the Iron Library

«FERRUM – Nachrichten aus der Eisenbibliothek» (News from the Iron Library) is a journal published by the Eisenbibliothek (Iron Library), a foundation of Georg Fischer Ltd. It is issued annually and it is always dedicated to a different topic of the history of technology.

The first Nachrichten aus der Eisenbibliothek were published in August 1954. They reported about the activities of the Library and presented treasures and curiosities of the historical book collection. Up to issue number 47 in November 1976, the news were released as a multi-page pamphlet in no particular order. Beginning with number 48 (1977), the news were renamed to Ferrum and the now annually published journal increased in size. Since 1979, the papers of the History of Technology Conference are published in Ferrum.

Back issues can be ordered at no charge, provided that they are not out of print, and subscriptions to the journal are also available for free 
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