Open House Day Klostergut Paradies

The Iron Library looks back on a successful Open House Day!

On Sunday, 23 June 2019, an open house day was held at Klostergut Paradies. The Klostergut, as well as the Iron Library and the blacksmiths’ guild Eligius opened their doors for interested visitors. The event attracted people from all generations: families with kids, retired and current GF employees, and week-enders made their way to Paradies. There was a lot to discover! In the convent and the Iron Library the current exhibitions were open, visitors could print on an old spindle press with the Gutenberg guild as in Zwingli’s and Froschauer’s times, and nails could be forged in the smithy with the Eligius guild. Moreover, the over 500 visitors enjoyed snacks and drinks in the park in beautiful weather.