Important Dates

Key financial dates

1 March 2016 7:00 a.m. CET Publication of Annual Report 2015
1 March 2016 Financial Analysts' Conference
23 March 2016 Shareholders Meeting for fiscal year 2015

Roadshows and conferences

On the occasion of Small and Mid Cap conferences as well of roadshows Investor Relations inform various financial analysts and institutional investors of the core elements of the balance sheet and income statement, of key figures and ratios and the Corporation's strategic direction. 

In 2015 GF holds the following presentations:

15 January 2015

Helvea Swiss Equites Conference, Bad Ragaz (Switzerland)

16 January 2015

Bellevue Meets Management Seminary, Flims (Switzerland)

25 February 2015 Roadshow Zurich (Switzerland)
4 March 2015 Roadshow London (UK)
26 March 2015 Kepler Chevreux Swiss Equity Seminar, Zurich (Switzerland)
20 May 2015 Vontobel Conference, Interlaken (Switzerland)
26 May 2015 Roadshow New York (USA)
10 September 2015 UBS Best of Switzerland Conference, Ermatingen (Switzerland)
30 September 2015 Roadshow Frankfurt (Germany)
17 November 2015 Roadshow London (UK)
20 November 2015 Credit Suisse Equity Mid Cap Conference, Zurich (Switzerland)

In 2014 GF held the following presentations:

10 January 2014

Bellevue Meets Management Seminary, Zurich & Flims (Switzerland)

26 February 2014Roadshow Zurich (Switzerland)
6 March 2014Roadshow London (UK)
2 April 2014

Kepler Chevreux Swiss Equity Seminary, Zurich (Switzerland)

5 May 2014Roadshow New York (USA)
4 November 2014Roadshow London (UK)
21 November 2014Credit Suisse Equity Mid Cap Conference, Zurich (Switzerland)