Clean Water Foundation

With its Clean Water Foundation, GF has been involved since 2002 in projects to improve water supply in developing countries and disaster areas. To date, GF has invested more than CHF 7 million in Clean Water projects.

Clean Water

Clean drinking water for more than 200,000 people

A person needs 20 liters of water per day. Thanks to the Clean Water Foundation, GF has been able to help 200 000 people worldwide get access to clean drinking water and a better water supply over the long term.

GF and Caritas agree to partnership

GF and Caritas Switzerland have agreed to a partnership for the supply of drinking water. The Clean Water Foundation of GF will provide the sum of CHF 1 million Swiss francs in cash, which will enable Caritas to provide at least 35 000 people worldwide with sustainably improved access to clean drinking water until 2015. GF is making this donation to mark the tenth anniversary of its Clean Water Foundation.

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