Research & Development

At the forefront of our research are product development and improvement, new materials and the use of proven technologies in new application areas. Nearly 600 people are employed corporate-wide in research and development. GF applies for approximately 40 new patents every year, which is testimony to the company's innovativeness.

GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems

Protecting resources is a necessity

Clean water is vital for health and well-being. We facilitate production and distribution of drinking water by supplying reliable, corrosion-free plastic piping systems.

GF Piping Systems develops energy-saving products for the chemical process industry, high-purity distribution systems for microelectronics and total plastic solutions for photovoltaics.

GF Automotive

GF Automotive

Energy efficiency is a hallmark of quality

Energy efficient components contribute actively toward CO2 reduction. GF Automotive develops casting processes for components that by means of lightweight design and downsizing reduce vehicle weight and thus also fuel consumption. In iron casting, we live by the rule: only as much material as needed. By optimizing structures, we create hollow, thin-walled castings with consistent or even better stability - and save up to ten percent in weight.

At GF Automotive we have a large number of specialists employed in research and development. Approximately three percent of annual revenue is spent on R&D.

GF AgieCharmilles

GF Machining Solutions

Competitive edge with precision

Components miniaturization and process automation are highly relevant to the market. We develop precision machines and processes that enable individual solutions for toolmakers, moldmakers and parts manufacturers in series production.

GF Machining Solutions generates at least half of its turnover with products that are less than three years old.

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